Hiernaast een lijst met wat wij zoal op voorraad hebben doorgaans. Let wel, dit verandert dagelijks dus check even van te voren mocht je van ver gaan komen.
Bel even, 050 - 3135137, of stuur even een mailtje.



Aborted strychnine 213
Absu s/t 2009, black
Abysmal Dawn programmed to consume death metal
Accept balls to the wall classic
Accused curse of Martha Splatterhead  
AC/DC black ice  
AC/DC backtracks 2cd+dvd outtakes, rarities
AC/DC dirty deeds done dirt cheap
AC/DC high voltage
AC/DC flick of the switch
AC/DC let there be rock
AC/DC fly on the wall
AC/DC if you want blood
AC/DC razor's edge  
AC/DC back in black dvd
Acid Reign obnoxious  
Aeon path of fire 2010, death metal
Agalloch ashes against the grain dark metal ala Anathema , Katatonia
Agalloch the mantle  
Agalloch pale folklore  
Agalloch silence of forgotten landscapes dvd
Agent Steel alienigma 2007 cd
Agua de Annique air Anneke van the Gathering , ook vinyl
Ahab divinity of oceans doom
Airbourne runnin wild cd+ dvd, ala AC/DC
Alcest souvenirs dún autre monde shoegazerblack
Alestorm leviathan mcd, battle metal
Alestorm black sails at midnight cd+dvd, 2009
All Boro Kings just for the fun of it  
All Else Failed This never happened mathcore
Allfader at least we will die together black/death
All Shall Perish awaken the dreamers cd+dvd
Altar of Plagues white tomb black/doom ala Wolves IT Throne Room
Altar Of Pklagues tides mini-cd, ook vinyl
Amesoeurs s/t Alcest man
Amon Amarth the avenger 2cd re-issue
Amon Amarth with oden on our side  
Amon Amarth twilight of the thunder god  
Amon Amarth the crusher 2cd reissue
Amorphis skyforger 2009
Anaal Nathrakh hell is empty  
Anaal Nathrakh in the constellation of the black widow black
Anathema judgment  
Anathema a fine day to exit  
Anathema a vision of dying embrace DVD
Andromeda chimera progmetal
Angra aurora consurgens prog/sympho uit Brazilie
Annihilator ten years in hell dvd
Annihilator s/t 2010,
Annotations of an Autopsy the reign of darkness  
Answer everyday demons +dvd, seventies rock
Anthrax among the living goedkoop
Anthrax madhouse: very best of goedkope verzamel cd
Anthrax spreading the disease goedkope klassieker
Apocalyptica plays Metallica midprice
Apocalyptische Reiter riders on the storm  
Arch Enemy wages of sin 2cd
Arch Enemy root of all evil 2009
Arch Enemy burning bridges  
Arkhon Infaustus orthodoxyn black metal
Arkona goi, rode goi  
Armageddon embrace the mystery + three 2cd reissue , Chris Amott, Arch Enemy
Artillery when death comes  
Ascension of the Watchers numinosum ex-Fear Factory
As I Lay Dying this is who we are dvd box
Asmegin arv folk metal
Asphyx embrace the death 2cd reissue
Asphyx depyhs of eternity 2cd reissue
Asphyx on the wings of inferno  
Asphyx death..the brutal way  
Assjack s/t Hank III goes metal , ook vinyl
Atreyu congregation of the damned  
Aura Noir hades rise black
Avantasia the scarecrow Edguy zanger , ook vinyl
Ayreon elected cd-single, + Avantasia
Ayreon 01011001  

naar boven


Baroness the red album Relapse, postcore/stoner
Baroness blue record 2009
Blaze Bailey the night that will not die 2cd live, ex-Iron Maiden zanger
Beatallica all you need is blood  
Behemoth evangelion  
Behemoth demigod reissue + live dvd
Behemoth at the arena  
Behemoth thelema 6  
Behemoth ezkaton  
Behemoth apostasy  
Beherit engram black
Belphegor bondage goat zombie cd+dvd
Belphegor wa[purgis rites  


killing music cd=dvd
Berzerker animosity  
Between the Buried and Me the great misdirect  
Beyond Fear s/t  
Beyond the 6th Seal resurrection of everything.. goedkoop
BibleBlack black swan epilogue cd+dvd
Birds Of Prey hell preacher  
Black Breath heavy breathing vinyl, op Southern Lord
Black Dahlia Murder deflorate cd+dvd
Black Label Society stronger than death  
Black Label Society 1919 eternal  
Black label Society hangover music vol4  
Black Label Society Mafia  
Black Sabbath master of reality midprice
Black Sabbath s/t midprice
Black Sabbath vol 4 midprice
Black Sabbath paranoid midprice
Black Sabbath sabotage  
Blackstone Cherry folklore and superstition 2cd
Bleed the Sky murder the dance 2008
Bloodbath fathomless mastery  
Bloodbath breeding death midprice
Blood Duster ` s/t midprice
Blood Has Been Shed spirals/ novellas of uriel reissue
Bloodpit mental circus  
Blood Red Throne souls of damnation cd + dvd
Bloodshed inhabitants of dis
Bloodshot ultimate hatred metalcore
Blutvial i speak of the devil  
Born From Pain war tijdelijk met bonus dvd
Brainstorm fire walk with me  
Brown Jenkins dagonite US black metal
Brutal Truth evolution through revolution  
Brutal Truth evolution in one take grindfreaks 2: live
Brutal Truth for the ugly and unwanted: this is grindcore DVD
Bullet For My Valentine scream aim fire deluxe =dvd
Bullet for My Valentine the poison deluxe+ dvd
Bullet for My Valentine live at Brixton dvd
Burial Chamber Trio wvrm vinyl, Sunn o))) connectie
Buried Inside suspect symmetry
Burnt By The Sun heart of darkness deluxe + dvd
Burst lazarus bird op relapse
Burzum hvis lyset tar oss
Burzum s/t
Burzum det som engang var
Burzum daudi baldurs
Burzum hliudskjalf
Burzum filosofem
Burzum anthology

naar boven


Caffery, Chris pins and needles Savatage gitarist
Caffery, Chris house of infinity  
Candlemass lucifer rising  
Candlemass death magic doom  
Cannibal Corpse evisceration plague cd + dvd 2009
Carcass symphonies of sickness reissue +dvd
Carcass live at St. George's Hall  
Carcass wake up and smell the carcass cd+dvd
Carcass heartwork cxd + dvd
Carcass necrotism  
Cathedral ethereal mirror dualdisc re-issue
Cavalera Conspiracy inflikted max & igor Cavallera
Celtic Frost best of  
Cemetary phantasma
Cephalic Carnage anomalies death/grind op Relapse
Chastain, David heavy excursions collectie instrumentals
Chevelle sci-fi crimes  
Children of Bodom skeletons in the closet covers
Children of Bodom blooddrunk cd
Children of Bodom hellhounds on my trail mini cd
Children Of Bodom hatecrew deathroll
Chimaira pass out of existence
Chimaira s/t limited 2cd
Chimaira the infection 2009 ltd+dvd
Church of Misery early works 2cd, Japanse stoner
Cinderella long cold winter midprice
Cinderella rocked, wired & bluesed: greatest hits midprice
Circle hollywood  
Circle tyrant drone, ook vinyl
Circle II Circle burden of truth ex- savatage
Circle II Circle all that remains+ 3xcd-single
City Of God a new spiritual mountain  
Claustrophobia i see red  
Clawfinger zeros & heroes  
Clawfinger a whole lot of nothing  
Clutch slow hole to China re-issue
Code resplendent grotesque avantgarde black, Ulver, DHG mensen
Coliseum no salvation  
Communic payment of existence 2008
Converge axe to fall  
Convulse world without God  
Cornerstone two tales of one tomorrow hardrock / AOR
Corrosion of COnformity wiseblood midprice
Corrosion of Conformity in the arms of god midprice
Cosmo alien ex-Boston
Cradle Of Filth live bait for the dead 2cd live + demo's 
Cradle Of Filth vempire
Cradle Of Filth bitter suites to succubi  
Cradle of Filth damnation and a day  
Cradle of Filth godspeed on the devil's thunder  
Cradle of Filth heavy, lefthanded & candid dvd
Crash My Deville please glamour, don't hurt ém screamo
Crematory pray
Crematory infinity 2010
Crematory act 7 picture disc
Crowbar odd fellows rest + some excess in it's purest form reissue
Cryptopsy unspoken king midprice
Cult Of Luna eternal kingdom cd+dvd
Cycle Of Pain s/t  
Cynic traced in air 2008 comeback

naar boven



Damnation Army circle of the brave black metal
Damn Yankees s-t met Ted Nugent
Danse Macabre matters of the heart gothic metal
Danzig deth red sabaoth 2010
Danzig il demono nera DVD
Danzig i luciferi goedkoop!
Danzig s/t midprice
Danzig II: lucifuge  
Danzig III: how the gods kill  
Dark Age acedia melodic death metal
Darkane demonic art  
Dark Fortress ygem 2010
Dark Funeral angelus exuro pro eternus cd + dvd
Dark Funeral attera orbis terrarum pt 1 2dvd
Dark Intentions destined to burn
Dark Remains construct to obliterate NL death metal
Dark Sanctuary s/t 2010, darkwave/gothic
Darkthrone Dark thrones and black flags 2008
Darkthrone the cult is alive limited edition luxe doos
Darkthrone a blaze in the northern sky true norwegian black metal
Darkthrone f.o.a.d  
Darkthrone soulside journey  
Darkthrone preparing for war  
Dark Tranquility where death is most alive 2cd live
Daylight Dies lost to the living
Dead Head depression tank 2009
Dead Meadow old growth  
Dead Meadow howls from the hills re-release
Dead Meadow feathers  
Dead Poetic vices  
Dead Raven Choir my firstborn will surely be blind rauwe black
Dearly Beheaded temptation limited "cd book"
Death Angel killing season 2008
Death Angel sonic german beatdown dvd+cd
Death Angel act III  
Deathonate walk the line melodieuze death
Death Set worldwide  
Deathspell Omega fas ite, maledicti... black metal
Deathstars night electric night ltd + dvd
Deceased behind the mourner's veil thrashmetal
Deeds Of Flesh of what's to come death metal
Defaced karma in black
Def Leppard songs from the sparkle lounge
Deftones white pony midprice
Deftones s/t midprice
Deftones around the fur midprice
Deftones adrenaline midprice
Deftones saturday night wrist  
Delain April Rain 2009,
Deranged red light murder case  
Desperado ace Dee Snyder (Twisted Sister)
Destroyer 666 defiance 2009
Destruction devolution 2008
Detonation emission phase  
Devildriver pray for villains 2009, cd+dvd
Devildriver fury of our maker's hand  
Devildriver last kind words  
Devil's Blood come reap occulte hardrock
Devil's Blood the time of no time, evermore  
Devil's Slingshot clinophobia met Tony Macalpine
Devious domain  
Dew-Scented issue VI
Dew-Scented path of fire 2010
Diablo icaros
Bruce Dickinson the chemical wedding
Dillinger Escape Plan miss machine mathcore
Dimension Zero he who shall not bleed Gothenburg metal
Dimmu Borgir invaluable darkness 2dvd+cd , live
Dio holy diver   remastered, midprice
Dio diamonds - best of goedkope verzamel cd
Dio Dio's inferno: last in live 2cd
Dio we rock DVD, live
Dio the last in line  
Dio the collection cheapo
Disbelief spreading the rage 2cd death metal
Disbelief navigator  
Disbelief protected hell 2cd
Dismember under blood red skies dvd
Dissection reinkaos  
Divine Heresy bleed the fifth  
Divine Souls the bitter selfcaged man
Dodheimsgard (DHG) supervillain outcast avantgarde black metal
Doom fuck Peaceville compilatie
Do Or Die tradition hardcore
Doomshine thy kingdoom come doom metal
Down nola southern metal, pantera
Down I Go this is disastercore ala Mastodon/ Daughters
Draconian arcane rain fell midprice
Draconian the burning halo  
Dragonforce ultra beatdown cd+dvd
Dragonland astronomy  
Draugnim northwind´s ire black metal
Dr. Doom s/t Groninger grindcore
Dream Evil gold medal in metal + ltd bonus cd , ook dvd
Dream Evil in the night 2010
Dream Theater black clouds, silver linings 3cd,
Dream Theater images and words midprice
Dream Theater falling into infinity  
Dream Theater train of thought  
Dream Theater awake midprice
Dream Theater metropolis pt2: scenes from a memory midprice
Dream Theater a change of seasons midprice
Dream Theater octavarium
Dream Theater images and words live in Tokyo +5 years in a live time 2DVD
Dream Theater score 2DVD of 3cd
Dream Theater chaos in motion 2dvd~3cd live
Dream Theater systematic chaos 2007 cd
DRI definition  
Drudkh microcosmos  
Drudkh swan road re-issue
Drudkh estrangement reissue
Dying Fetus war of attrition death metal
Dying Fetus descend into depravity  

naar boven



Earth pentastar drone, ook op vinyl
Earth hex  
Earth the bees made honey in the lion's skull drone
Edguy fucking with fire-live dvd
Edling, Leif songs of torment Candlemass/ Krux man
Eisregen blutbahnen
Elis catharsis gothic metal
Elis griefshire  
El Shit s/t eigen beheer debuut mini
Eluveitie evocation 1 2009 cd+ dvd
Eluveitie slania vinyl
Emperor live inferno 2cd/ dvd/ of beiden
Emperor live at Wacken dvd
End, the elementary vinyl
Enemy of the Sun caedium 2010
Enemy of the Sun shadows opvolger Grip Inc
Engel absolute design  
Engine Of pain i am your enemy NL , Pantera invloeden
Ensiferum from afar 2009


vertebrae black
Enthroned tetra karcist black metal
Envy / Jesu split lp  
Epica design your universe  
Equilibrium rekreatur limited 2cd
Ereb Altor by honour epic viking doom
Escadron tide of the fallen thrashmetal
Eternal Majesty wounds of hatred and slavery black metal
Europe last look at eden  
Even Vast outsleeping gothic doom
Evergrey i'm sorry cd-single
Evergrey a night to remember 2cd live 2004
Evergrey a night to remember 2DVD, live 2004
Every Time I Die big dirty  
Every Time I Die new junk aesthetic cd + dvd
Ewigkeit conspiritus
Ex Deo Romulus
Exodus double live dynamo dvd
Exodus shovel-headed tour machine 2dvd+cd
Expulsion wasteworld Groninger metal
Extreme Noise Terror being and nothing
Eyeless game of fear death/hardcore/industrial mix

naar boven



Facebreaker bloodred hell Edge of sanity zanger
Fear Factory mechanize 2010
Fear My Thoughts isolation Duits, ala Soilwork , In Flames
Fen malediction field ala Agalloch, ambient black
Fenriz' Red Planet engangsgrill Darkthrone/ Carpathian Forest mensen
Finntroll midnattens widunder
Finntroll nattfodd
Fluisterwoud laat alle hoop varen NL black
Folkearth rulers of the sea folk /viking metal
Forever in Terror restless in the tides metalcore jonkies
Forlorn opus iii: ad caelestis res viking/ black
Freedom Call legend of the shadow king  
Frehley, Ace anomaly Kiss
Fuck The Facts disgorge mexico grindcore
Full Blown Chaos heavy lies the crown  
Fu Manchu signs of infinite power  
Funeral Mist maranatha  


Gamma Ray to the metal cd+dvd, 2010
Gathering home
Gathering souvenirs  
Gathering nighttime birds  
gathering west pole 2009
Ghost Brigade isolation songs  
Ian Gillan one eye to Morocco  
Girlschool legacy  
Glasspack american exhaust
Glorior Belli manifesting the raging beast US black op Southern Lord
Glorior Belli meet us at the southern sign  
Gnaw Their Tongues die mutter wählt das todeskleidchen 2 cd-r's op 1 cd
Gnaw Their Tongues All the Dread Magnificence 2009 , ook vinyl
Goatwhore carving out the eyes of god  
God Dethroned Passiondale  
Godflesh hymns  
God Forbid sickness and misery  
Godsmack awake
Godsmack IV 
Godsmack godsmack
Godsmack faceless
Gorefest mindloss vinyl
Gorefest rise to ruin vinyl
Gorefest soul survivor vinyl
Gorefest false vinyl
Gorgoroth quantos possunt ad satanitatem 2009
Gory Blister graveyard of angels 2009
Grand Magus iron will  
Grand Magus hammer of the north cd + dvd
Grave burial ground 2010
Grave Digger ballad of a hangman 2009 cd
Graveworm collateral defect  
Graveworm diabolical figures 2009
Graveyard one with the dead old school death metal
Grief   alive doom/black ala Sunn o)) of Khanate
Guilt Machine on this perfect day Arjen Lucassen
Gwar lust in space  

naar boven



Hackneyed   death prevails  
Halford   winter songs kerst cd!
Hammerfall   chapter V, unbent... DVD-audio
Hammerfall   no sacrifice, no victory 2009
Hammerfall   rebels with a cause dvd
Harem Scarem   human nature  
Hatebreed   for the lions vinyl
Hatebreed   s/t 2009 cd+dvd
Hatesphere   to the nines  
Haunted   one kill wonder  
HDK   system overload Avantasia/ After Forever mensen
Heaven & Hell   the devil you know Black Sabbath/ Dio
Heidevolk   walhalla wacht  
Heidevolk   de strijdlust is geboren Veluwe metal
Hellebaard   fier  
Helloween   Hellish videos DVD
Helloween   live in Moscow 2cd
Helloween   keeper of the 7 keys part 1  
Helltrain   rock n roll devil  
Hey Colossus   project death vinyl
Hidden Hand   the resurrection of Whiskey Foote  
High On Fire   surrounded by thieves  
High On Fire   death is this communion ltd + dvd
Him   screamworks 2010
Him   digital versatile doom cd+dvd
Him   venus doom 2007
Him   razorblade romance midprice
Him   greatest lovesongs 666  
Hinder   take it to the limit  
Hirax   el rostro de la muerte 2009
Hirax   not dead yet  
Hollenthon   tyrants & wraiths mini cd
House of Broken Promises   using the useless 3/4 van Unida
Hypocisy   s/t + final chapter 2cd reissue
Hypocisy   a taste of extreme divinity  

naar boven



Iceburn firon vinyl
Iced earth crucible of man 2008
Iced Earth horror show  
Iced Earth night of the stormrider reissue±bonus
Ihsahn angl solo album van Emperor man
Ihsahn after 2010
Illdisposed to those who walk behind us  
Immolation bringing down the world tour DVD, live Amsterdam 2003
Immortal battles in the north black
Immortal all shall fall 2009
In Battle kingdom of fear  
In Extremo kein blick zuruck  
In Flames colony  
In Flames the mirror's truth picture dusc
Insomnium across the dark cd+dvd
Into Eternity incurable tragedy 2008, death / thrash
Intwine kingdom of contradiction  
Iron Maiden flight 666 2dvd/ 2cd of 2lp
Iron Maiden a matter of life and death
Iron Maiden no prayer for the dying
Iron Maiden death on the road 2cd live 2005
Iron Maiden dance of death
Iron Maiden rock in Rio 2DVD of 2cd
Iron Maiden somewhere in time  
Iron Maiden number of the beast  
Iron Maiden fear of the dark  
Iron Maiden 7th son of a 7th son  
Iron Maiden live after death 2cd
Iron Maiden powerslave  
Iron Maiden piece of mind  
Iron Maiden s/t  
Iron Maiden killers  
Iron Maiden death on th road 2dvd
Isis red sea  
Isis wavering radiant 2009
Isis / Aereogramme in the fishtank  

naar boven



Jaded Heart sinister mind  
Jaded Heart perfect insanity 2009
Jesu/ battle of Mice split cd ook vinyl
Jorn spirit black  
Judas priest british steel  
Judas priest nostradamus ook limited 2cd
Judas Priest live vengeance '82 DVD
Judas Priest defenders of the faith remastered + bonus
Judas Priest unleashed in the east remastered + bonus
Judas Priest point of entry  

naar boven



Kamelot one cold winter's night dvd
Kamelot ghost opera prog/symphometal
Kampfar heimgang 2008, black metal
Karbo crossing borders  
Katafalk death's contradiction mini cd lokale death/thrash helden
Katatonia night is the new day 2009
Keep Of Kalessin kolossus 2008
Killswitch Engage s/t 2009 (cd+dvd)
Killswitch Engage alive or just breathing  
Killswitch Engage as daylight dies  
Killswitch Engage the end of heartache  
Killteam ep 2007  
Killteam ep 2008  
King Diamond give me your soul..please  
Kingdom Come magnified  
Kindom Of Sorrow behind the blackest tears  
King Hobo s/t 70's rock door mensen van oa Opeth en Clutch
Kings X XV  
Kiss Kissology vol 2 DVD box
Kiss dynasty midprice
Kiss hotter than hell midprice
Kiss s/t midprice
Kiss dressed to kill midprice
Kiss destroyer midprice
Kiss Alive! 2cd, ook vinyl
Kiss sonic boom 2009, 2cd+dvd
Kiss Symphony 2dvd
Korn follow the leader midprice
Korn issues midprice
Korn life is peachy midprice
Korn s/t midprice
Korn take a look in the mirror midprice
Korn see you on the other side  
Korn live 2DVD
Korn chopped, screwed, live & unglued 2CD + DVD
Korn (untitled) 2007 cd
Korpiklaani karkelo  
Kotzen Richie bootlegged in Brazil dvd
Krisiun assassination brute death metal topper
Krux II  
Kyuss wretch  
Kyuss welcome to Sky Valley QOTSA voorlopers
Kyuss and the circus leaves town midprice
Kyuss blues for the red sun midprice

naar boven


Lnaar boven

Laaz Rockit   left for dead 2008
Lacrimas Profundere   songs for the last view gothic metal , cd+dvd
Lacrimosa    lichtgestalten EP 6 tracks
Lacrimosa   lichtjahre dvd
Lacuna Coil   karmacode  
Lacuna Coil   shallow life 2010
Lacuna Coil   comalies 2cd
Lacuna Coil   in a reverie  
Laethora   march of the parasite Dark Tranquility mensen
Lair Of The Minotaur   ultimate destroyer  
Lake Of Tears   moons and mushrooms  
Lamb Of God   ashes of the wake metalcore met Slayer invloeden
Lamb Of God   horglass-anthology 3cd
Lamb Of God   sacrament  
Lamb Of God   as the palaces burn  
Lamb Of God   wrath 2009, ook vinyl
Lamb Of God   new american gospel  
Lamb Of God   terror and hubris dvd
Lamb Of God   walk with me in hell dvd
Lantlos   neon duitse black, met Neige (Alcest)
Leaves'Eyes   we came with the northern winds 2cd+2dvd
Leaves Eyes   my destiny EP
Leaves Eyes   njord  
Leaves Eyes   vinland saga  
Leviathan   massive conspiracy against all life black metal
Lifelover   dekadens mini cd
Lifelover   konkurs dark wave/ black metal
Life Of Agony   river runs red  
Liquid Tension Experiment   s/t Dream Theater mensen
Liquid Tension Experiment   2 Dream Theater hobbyclub 
Lord Belial   ancient demons  
Lord Belial   revelation black metal
Lost Prophets   betrayed 2010
Loudblast   planet pandemonium deathmetal uit Frankrijk
Lucifer Principle   welcome to bloodshed NL deathmetal
Luna Field   diva death ala Morbid Angel
Lurker Of Chalice   s/t = Wrest, Leviathan
Lynch Mob   smoke and mirrors  



Machinery the passing  
Malevolent Creation fine art of murder  
Malmsteen, Yngwie perpetual flame Rising Force, 2008
Malmsteen, Yngwie high impact 2010
Malmsteen, Yngwie angelsl of love
Malmsteen, Yngwie trial by fire - live leningrad goedkoop
Malmsteen, Yngwie collection  
Malmsteen, Yngwie odyssey goedkoop
Malmsteen, Yngwie eclipse goedkoop
Malmsteen, Yngwie marching out goedkoop
Malmsteen, Yngwie trilogy goedkoop
Malmsteen, Yngwie Rising Force goedkoop
Manegarm nattvasen 2009
Manowar kings of metal midprice
Manowar fighting the world midprice
Mantus weg ins paradis gothic
Marduk wormwood 2009
Marduk panzer division marduk  
Marduk there's no peace mini cd
Marduk those of the unlight  
Marduk fuck me jesus mini cd
Maroon order metalcore / thrash
Martriden the unsettling dark death/black
Master on the seventh day god created Master + dvd (live in Simplon!)
Masterlast mastery of self  
Mastodon crack the skye  
Mastodon blood mountain Top 10 Aardschok 2006
Mayhem de mysteris dom satanas black metal klassieker
Mayhem ordo ad chao
Mayhem wolf's lair abyss vinyl


Megadeth that one night live Buenos Aires DVD
Megadeth wakin'up the dead dvd
Megadeth endgame 2009
Megadeth the system has failed  
Megadeth so far, so good, so what midprice
Megadeth rust in peace  
Megadeth cryptic writings  
Megadeth peace sells, but who's buying midprice
Marco Mendoza live for tomorrow  
Meshuggah destroy erase different metal
Meshuggah alive cd+dvd
Metallica reload
Metallica st. anger  
Metallica kill em all 
Metallica and justice for all
Metallica ride the lightning
Metallica master of puppets
Metallica s/t "black album" met oa enter sandman
Metallica load
Metallica some kind of monster DVD, documentaire film
Metallica death magnetic  
Metallica Francais pour une nuit live dvd
Metallica orgulla, passion y glorio dvd live Mexico
Midnattsol where twilight dwells  
Mind Shelter manipulated living industrial / electronica
Ministry adios putas madres live dvd
Ministry the land of rape and honey midprice
Ministry the mind is a terrible thing to taste midprice
Ministry KEIAH~) oftewel psalm 69, midprice
Ministry rio grande blood hun hardste en beste sinds Psalm 69
Minsitry rio grande dub  
Ministry dark side of the spoon  
Minsk with echoes in the movement  
Minsk ritual fires of abandonment  
Misery Index   traitors 2008 death / grind
Mistur attende ex-Windir
Mnemic sons of the system 2010
Mob, the s/t hardrock/ AOR, voorheen Winger
M.O.D. red white and screwed  
Monno ghosts doom metal , ook vinyl
Monolith Deathcult triumvirate  
Monstrosity spritual apocalypse Florida deathmetal
Moonsorrow tulimyrski ep 2008
Moonspell lusitanian metal live, ook dvd
Moonstone Project time to take a stand + Ian Paice, Steve Walsh, Graham Bonnett
Mortiis some kind of heroin  
Mortiis the grudge  
Mortiis soul in a hole dvd
Motley Crue saints of los angeles 2008
Motley Crue Dr Feelgood  
Motley Crue girls girls girls  
Motley Crue theatre of pain  
Motley Crue too fast for love  
Motley Crue shout at the devil  
Motley Crue red white & crue best of
Motley Crue carnival of sins dvd
Motorhead ace of spades midprice
Motorhead overkill midprice
Motorhead no sleep til Hammersmith midprice
Motorhead hammered  
Motorhead 1916  
Motorhead on parole  
Motorhead iron fist  
Motorhead essential noize: best of  
Motorhead another perfect day  
Motorhead bomber  
Motorhead march or die  
Motorhead deaf forever best of
Motorhead hellraiser best of the WTG years
Motorjesus deathrider thrashmetal, Anthrax stijl
Mount Eerie wind's poem blackened indiefolk
Mudvayne by the people for the people  
Municipal Waste Massive agressive thrash revival
My Dying Bride voice of the wretched  
My Dying bride bring me victory mini cd
My Dying Bride a line of deathless kings  
My Dying Bride for lies i sire  
My Dying Bride an ode to woe cd+dvd, live
My Dying Bride sinamorata DVD live 2003
My Dying Bride for darkest eyes DVD, videos + live 1998
My Ruin throat full of heart cd+dvd
My Ruin blasphemous girl  
My Ruin the horror of beauty  

naar boven



Nachtmystium assassins alternatieve black metal
Nachtmystium addicts: black meddle part 2 2010
Napalm Death time waits for no slave 2009
Napalm Death scum dualdisc met dvd
Nasum human 2.0  
Nattefrost terrorist black, Carpathian Forest zanger
Nebelhexe dead waters dark wave
Nebula heavy psych  
Neil, Vince carved in stone Motley Crue zanger
Neil, Vince tattoos and tequilas 2010
Nevermore manifesto best of
Nevermore obsidian conspiracy deluxe doos, 2010
Nifelheim envoy of lucifer
Nightbringer apocalypse sun USA black metal
Nightwish bye bye beautiful picture disc
Nightwish from wishes to eternity DVD live
Nightwish oceanborn  
Nightwish end of an era DVD, live.
Nightwish dark passion play 2 lp
Nightwish amaranth picture disc
Nightwish made in HongKong dvd
Nile Those whom the gods detest  
Noekk minstrel's curse ex-Empyrium
Nortt galgenfrist ambient/black
Nortt ligfaerd  
November's Doom the novella reservoir doom metal
November's Doom into night's requiem infernal 2009
Nuclear Assault third world genocide thrashmetal
Nugent, Ted free for all  
Nugent, ted craveman  
Nugent, Ted great gonzos best of, budget price
Nugent, Ted live at Hammersmith '79 budget price
Nugent, Ted full bluntal nugity 2DVD, live , ook cd
Nugent, ted motorcity mayhem dvd
Ted Nugent s/t 1975 classic

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Obituary live xecution dvd
Obtuse like vermin, like human split met Grindbashers
Oceans of Sadness send in the clowns
Oceans Of Sadness mirror palace
October Falls a collapse of faith Finse melancholike black/folk
October File holy armour from the jaws of God
Officium Triste giving yourself away
Old Man's Child slaves of the world
Jon Oliva's Pain global warning Savatage zanger
Jon Oliva's Pain maniacal renderings  
Om God is good drone,
Onslaught the shadow of death re-issue
Opeth ghost reveries nieuwe versie + dvd
Opeth Candlelight Years 3cd, eerste 3 cd's
Opeth watershed luxe 2cd
Opeth still life  
Opeth deliverance  
Opeth damnation  
Opeth blackwater park  
Opeth lamentations DVD
Opeth roadhouse tapes 2cd live
Opeth orchid  
Orphaned Land never ending 2010
Orpheo echoes groningse sympho metal
Osbourne, Ozzy scream 2010
Osbourne, Ozzy diary of a madman midprice
Osbourne, Ozzy blizzard of Oz  
Overkill relixiv speed / thrash metal
Overkill immortalis cd/dvd
Overkill ironbound 2010

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Pain of Salvation ending themes on the death of... 2cd/ 2dvd
Pain of Salvation linoleum mini cd
Painmuseum metal for life
Pantera far beyond driven midprice
Pantera vulgar display of power midprice
Pantera cowboys from hell midprice
Papa Roach the paramour sessions  
Papercut Homicide from filth comes grace grindcore
Paradise Lost drown in darkness early demo's
Paradise Lost anatomy of melancholy 2cd live
Paradise Lost faith divides us luxe ditie 2cd
Paradise Lost gothic special edition reissue
Paradise Lost one second goedkoop
Passengers In Time musical history tour met muziek van the Gathering
Pelican the fire in our throats will... postrock, voor fans van Isis ed
Pelican what we all come to need  
Pell, Axel Rudi knights live 2cd live 2002
Pell, Axel Rudi best of- anniversary edition  
Pentemple Sunn 0))) presents  
Peste Noir ballade cuntre lo anemi francor Franse black metal
Pestilence ressurrection macabre 2009
Pinnick, Dug emotional animal King's X zanger
Poison seven days live  
PoisonBlack a dead heavy day cd+dvd
Power Quest master of illusion  
Pride Of Lions live in Belgium DVD
Pride Of Lions roaring of dreams Jim Peterik, ex-Survivor
Primal Fear 16.6 all over the world cd of dvd, live
Primordial imrama re-issue
Prong cleansing  
Prong beg to differ  
Prong power of the damager  
Prong power of the mixxxer remixes
Pro-Pain no end in sight hardcore
Putrescence sledgehammer holocaust deathgrind

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Qnaar boven

Queensryche american soldier  
Queensryche the art of live live 2004
Quiet Riot rehab 2006 cd



Rabies Caste let the soul out and cut the vein industrial sludgecore
Rainbow Richie Blackmore's Rainbow  
Rainbow long live rock n roll midprice
Rainbow on stage midprice
Rainbow rising  

live Munchen 1977

ook DVD
Ratt infestation 2010
Ravager storm of sin Mexicaanse death metal
Rebellion miklagard  
Regicide viorus prog / symphometal
Revamp s/t = Floor Jansen (After Forever)
Revenge infiltration downfall death black metal
Right Direction beyond the beyonds
Riot through the storm 2002 cd
Ritual hemulic voluntary band  
Riverside anno domini high definition + live Amsterdam dvd
Rocket Scientists revolutionroad met Erik Norlander
Rose Tattoo s/t 1e plaat + bonus tracks
Roth, Uli Jon under a dark sky  
Royal Hunt 2006 live  
Rumors Of gehenna ten hatred degrees
Runemagick requiem of the apocalypse

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Sabaton coat of arms luxe digi
Sabbat the dwelling Japans
Sacred Steel hammer of destruction power metal
Saint Deamon pandeamonium  
Samael above 2009
Samael black trip dvd
Sarke vorunah met Nocturno Culto
Satriani, Joe s/t  
Satriani, Joe satriani live 2cd
Satriani, Joe live in Paris cd / dvd
Satyricon age of nero 2008
Savage Circus dreamland manor powermetal, Blind Guardian stijl
Savage Circus of doom and death 2009
Saviours into abaddon sludgerock/stoner
Saxon into the labyrinth cd + dvd
Saxon inner sanctum + dvd
Saxon strong arm of the law re-issue + bonus
Saxon wheels of steel re-issue + bonus
Scars On Broadway s/t 2 man van System of a Down , ook op vinyl
Scar Symmetry dark matter dimensions death metal
Schon, Neal i on u top cd van Journey gitarist
S-Core gust of rage  
Scorpions tokyo tapes live
Scorpions virgin killer goedkope klassieker
Scorpions blackout midprice
Scorpions taken by force midprice
Scorpions crazy world  
Seizure the hateflow virus Groninger death metal
Sentenced the coffin alle (16) cd's + 2dvd in een mooie doodskist!
Sepultura A-Lex 2009 cd , ook vinyl
Seraphique chrysalis different metal
Sevendust next cd+dvd
Severe Torture slaughtered NL deathmetal
Shadow Gallery digital ghosts prog metal
Shadows Fall fallen from the war  
Shatter Messiah God burns like flesh ex- Annihilator
Shayne, Daize live your dreams gitariste
Shining (Swe) III: angst  
Shining (Swe) V-Halmstad black metal
Shining (Swe) VI: klagopsalmer  
Shining (Swe) darkroom sessions outtakes, rehearsals
Shrinebuilder s/t mensen van Neurosis, Obsessed, Melvins
Sieges Even playgrounds 2008 cd
Sigh scenes from hell Japanse black/avant garde
Sign of the Southern Cross of Mountains and moonshine ala Pantera, Black label Society
Sikh one more piece  
Sinister silent howling  
Sins Of Thy Beloved perpetual desolation gothic
Sins Of Thy Beloved lake of sorrow gothic
Sirenia 13th floor gothic metal
Sirenia sirenian shores  
Six Feet Under graveyard classics III  
Sixty Nine (69) Eyes hollywood kills live
69 Eyes wrap your troubles in dreams  
Skid Row revolutions per minute 2006 cd
Skitliv Skandinavisk misantropi black
Skyclad in the alltogether folkmetal
Slave To The System s/t heavy rock ala Soundgarden / Audioslave
Slavior s/t Fates Warning drummer
Slayer divine intervention midprice
Slayer diabolus in musica midprice
Slayer christ illusion  
Slayer god hates us all midprice
Slayer south of heaven midprice
Slayer seasons in the abyss midprice
Slayer undisputed attitude Slayer's hardcore tribute. midprice
Slayer reign in blood midprice. thrashmetal meesterwerk
Slayer world painted blood  
Slayer ea Unholy alliance tour dvd
Sleep holy mountain stoner
Slipknot vol3 : subliminal versus  
Slipknot iowa  
Slipknot s/t  
Sodom final sign of evil  
Soil picture perfect  
Solefald the linear scaffold black
Solstafir kold 2009
Sonata Arctica silence powermetal / heavy metal
Sonata Arctica days of grace 2009
Sonic Syndicate love and other disasters cd + dvd 2008
Sons Of Seasons gods of vermin symphonic, Kamelot en Epica mensen
Soto, Jeff Scott lost in the translation met oa Neal Schon
Souldrainer reborn  
Space Odyssey the astral episode Richard Andersson, sympho metal
Spider Goat Canyon shades of joy postrcok/ doom uit Australie
Spineshank strictly diesel  
Paul Stanley live to win Kiss solo
Paul Stanley one live Kiss dvd
Starbreaker loves'dying wish melodic metal
Static-X cult of static 2009
Still Remains serpent metalcore , death metal
Stone Axe s/t stoner/ 70's rock
Stratovarius maniac dance cd-single
Stratovarius polaris + live deluxe versie
Stratovarius infinite luxe reissue
Stream Of Passion the flame within gothic metal, 2009
Stryper greatest hits live goedkoop
Stryper murder by pride  
Stuck Mojo southern born killers  
Suffocate Faster only time will tell thrash metal, metalcore
Suffocation blood oath 2009
Suicidal Tendencies the art of rerbellion midprice
Sunn o)) black one drone / black metal
Sunn o)) white one  
Sunn O)) white 2  
Sunn o))) monoliths and dimensions 2009
Sunn o))) + Boris altar  
Svartsot ravnene's saga folk metal
Swallow The Sun plague of butterflies doom metal topper
Swallow The Sun new moon 2009
Sworn Against and so it begins  
Sworn Enemy total world domination  
Syrach a dark burial doom
System Of A Down toxicity midprice

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Taake   s/t 2008
Taproot   gift  
Tardy Brothers   bloodline Obituary mannen
Tekhton   summon the core Groninger doom
Tenet   sovereign  
Thanatos   undead, unholy, divine death / thrash
Testament   formation of damnation 2008
Testament   live Eindhoven 87  
Testament   first strike still deadly  
Thanatos   justified genocide 2009
Thanatos   undead, unholy, divine  
The More I See   the wolves are hungry nu-metal
Therion   live gothic 2cd + dvd
Therion   live Miskolc experience cd/dvd box
Thirteen Fortynine (1349)   revelations of the black mask 2cd,
Thirteen FortyNine (1349)   beyond the apocalypse black metal
Thirteen Fortynine (1349)   liberation  
Thirteenfortynine (1349)   hellfire  
Thirtyseven (37) Stabwoundz   a heart gone black  
Threat Signal   vigilance 2009
Three Inches Of Blood   here waits thy doom  
Threshold   dead reckoning prog metal
Throne Of Katarsis   an eternal dark horizon black metal
Throne Of Katarsis   helvete- det iskalde morket  
Thunder   the magnificent seven hardrock 
Thunder   live dvd
Thyrfing   farsotstider re-issue + dvd
Tiles   fly paper prog / sympho ala Rush
Tool   Aenima  
Tool   opiate EP
Tool   undertow ook vinyl
Tool   10.000 days  
Tool   Lateralus


Totenmond   unter knochen cd + dvd
Devin Townsend   addicted met Anneke v Giersbergen
Devin Townsend   ki  
Toxocara   great rebellious Groninger death toppers
Trail of Tears   profoundemonium  
Trail of Tears   bloodstained endurance 2009
Trail Of Tears   freefall into fear  
Trigger The Bloodshed   purgation death metal
Tristania   widow's weeds  
Tristania   world of glass  
Tristania   s/t  
Tristania   midwinter tears  
Tristania   beyond the veil  
Trivium   shogun ltd 2cd
Trophy   the gift of life Jaded Heart zanger
Trouble   unplugged  
Truckfighters   mania stoner rock
Turisas   the varangian way vinyl +cd
Turisas   a finnish summer dvd
Twisted Sister   live at Astoria dvd+ cd
Twisted Sister   we're not gonna take it greatest hits
Type-O-Negative   bloody kisses luxe re-issue

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Uneartly Trance electrocution heavy doom/core op Relapse
Union the blue room Bruce Kulick (Kiss)
Uphill Battle wreck of nerves death/grind op relapse
Urkraft the inhuman aberration  

naar boven



V/A Grind madness at the BBC 3cd Napalm Death, Carcass, ENT etc Peel sessions
V/A Metallic Emotions metalballads cd+dvd
V/A monsters of death 2dvd
V/A Statements Of Intent oa Haunted, In Flames, Arch Enemy
V/A beautiful voices DVD+Cd, div Gothic bands
V/A monsters of metal 4 2DVD, oa Nightwish, Hammerfall, Iced Earth
V/A Rock s cool 3 DVD
V/A visual rebellion 2 DVD, oa Lacuna Coil, Arch Enemy, Finntroll
V/A visual rebellion III DVD, oa Napalm Death, Strapping Young Lad
V/A Roadrage 2007 dvd
V/A NWOBHM vinyl
V/A the sick, tyher dead, the rotten split cd, oa Obtuse
V/A Swedish Death Metal 3cd compilatie
V/A 20 years of Nuclear Blast 2dvd
Vader necropolis  
Vai, Steve sound theories vol 1+2  
Vai, Steve where the wild things are  
Vai, Steve visual sound theories live in Groningen dvd
Vai, Steve live at the Astoria, London 2DVD
Vai, Steve naked tracks 5cd box, outtakes
Valkyrja invocation of demise zweedse black metal
Valkyrja contamination 2010
Vandenplas seraphic clockwork  
Velvet Cacoon genevieve black metal,Southern Lord reissue
Velvet Cacoon atropine  
Venom resurrection  
Venom hell vinyl
Visceral Bleeding

absorbing the disarray

technische deathmetal
Voivod infini  
Voivod tatsumaki live Japan dvd
Volbeat live! sold out 2dvd
Volbeat rock the rebel / metal the devil perfecte metal/ punk rock 'n'roll mix , ook vinyl
Volbeat the strength, the sound, the songs debuut, ook vinyl
Volbeat guitar gangsters and cadillac cars ook vinyl
Voodooland give me air met Ace frehley, Eric Singer, Joe Lynn Turner
Vreid milorg black

naar boven



Wacken 2007   3dvd's met live materiaal!
Walls Of Jericho american dream 2008, metalcore
Wardruna gap war ginnunga pagan folk
Warship supply and depend hardcore
Watain sworn to the dark black metal
Watain lawless darkness 2010
Wednesday 13 skeletons Murderdolls zanger
Weedeater god luck and good speed doom op Southern Lord
Weedeater and justice for y'all reissue,
Welter In Thy Blood transference of misery ambient/black. vinyl only
While Heaven Wept vast oceans lachrimose USA doom metal
Whitesnake 1987  
Winds prominence and demise  
Winger karma 2009
Winterdome weltendammerung 2cd gothic
Within Temptation black symphony 2dvd + 2cd live
Within Temptation an acoustic night at the theatre  
Within Temptation forgiven 5 track ep
Within Temptation mother earth  
Within Temptation all i need cd-single
Within Temptation what have you done cd-single
Within Temptation frozen EP
Wolves In The Throne Room two hunters black metal
Wolves in the Throne Room live at Roadburn ook als lp + dvd!!
Wolves In The Throne Room black cascade 2009
Wolves Of Hate battle hymns and war songs  
Wyrd kalivagi pagan/ black

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Xnaar boven


Ynaar boven

Y&T facemelter 2010
Xasthur funeral of being  



Zico Chain food  
Zombie, Rob hellbilly deluxe 2cd deluxe edition cd+dvd
Zombie, Rob hellbilly deluxe 2 2010

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